EpoxyFlex Announces US Licensee

EpoxyFlex announces that it has entered exclusive agreements with SafeTight, Inc. of Wyoming to be the exclusive US licensee to Manufacture and Distribute EpoxyFlex throughout the United States.

The deal was negotiated via EpoxyFlex's IP agent, US IP Management, and includes continued co-operation between EpoxyFlex's Chemists and SafeTight to modify the existing products to meet new requirements as well as to develop new products.

For more information on this agreement or to order EpoxyFlex in the United States contact SafeTight .

sealers coating and epoxy for contractorsCommerical
EpoxyFlex's leak-proof, long-lasting reflective nature is a perfect fit for commerical roofing!

Business Parks, Strip Malls, Rental and Storage Units, Retail Stores, Warehouses, Manufacturing Facilities all require a water-tight, light-reflective, flexible coating in order to remain competitive in today's marketplace.

SafeTight's state-of-the-art, patented liquid applied membrane seals existing roofs and their seams, laps and flashings. In fact, EpoxyFlex seals them so well, we offer our best-in-industry guarantee.

sealers coating and epoxy for contractorsContractors & Architects
There is no better value in roof coatings. Guaranteed, long lasting and simple application.

Yet another study confirms that designing and installing a watertight roof is mandatory to keeping yourself out of court and away from professional liability claims. Roofs are the single most often involved element in claims against architects.

Don't risk your business. Let EpoxyFlex provide you with the water-tight roof Guarantee that you won't find anywhere else, and sleep a little better at night.

Roof Coating DistributorsDistributors
Distributors throughout North America say we're tops! Dependable, reliable and always there, which passes on to you.

We have been stocking up distributors throughout North America so that EpoxyFlex is available when you need it, when you need it. There's hardly a worse problem than under-estimating just how big a job is, and having to wait to get the materials you need. Thats why we've chosen some of the best distributors in the country to serve you.

If you're a top-notch distributor, interested in carring EpoxyFlex, give us a call!

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